Domain Registration

কিভাবে ডোমেইন রেজীষ্ট্রেশন করা যায়ঃ

Domain Registration

How to order domain( #Domain #Registration) with Dhrubok All Rounder Procedure:
1. go to
2. search your domain on down the “Get a Domain Name” box
3. select one years on drop down menu
4. click add
5. Click on CheckOut
6. Click on “No Thanks, proceed to checkout »
7. on your Your Shopping Cart have a look on “Don’t have an account?
8. Create an account on 10 second
9. Fill Out all info
10. Create account
11. Payment process: Offline Payment Options| Click PAY OFFLINE and
12. Just Make a Call on Hotline: +880-1670-319-719

More on:
24*7*365 +880-1670-319719


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